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Thousand Oaks Drive San Antonio, TX 78247
Sunday July 13 - Sunday September 21
7:00 AM

here is the ad

There is a lot of stuff ranging from men's clothes (Jeans, T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Dress Pants, Shorts, Sports Jerseys) to electronic and video game items which include a never been used Microwave, Waffle Maker, George Foreman Grill, Oyster Crepe Maker, Surround Sound System, DVR and VHS Recorder with Digital Tuner, XBOX 360 Games, a Kinect, a Basketball hoop with mini basketballs for indoors, few tvs to choose from (none are hd tvs, but rather tube tvs, couple are flat screen tvs), DVD Player, besides XBOX and XBOX 360 games I also have Sega Dreamcast games and extras like Steering Wheels and found a Sony Playstation 2 Blue Controller and a few Sega Genesis Games. I also have a large variety of vhs tapes whether it's classic Disney cartoon movies or other movies you may be interested in. I have a lot of dvd items of which not all are for sale but I will make sure to separate the movies and tv shows that are for sale. I have an old phone system that is a cordless and has an answering machine. I have a Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 pair of sunglasses, must have been a gift a long time ago but I never have worn or used them. There are other items like stuffed animals, puzzles, board games, some nostalgic items like a Dallas Cowboys Coke Bottle Collection (few other Coca Cola Items) and Lithogram Plastic Cups I got at the only NFL game I have been to. I do have some antique stuffed toys like Fozzie, Radar's Teddy, and an Olympic Bear stuffed toy and bank thing. I have a couple Fossil watches which never were used but both batteries probably need to be replaced 2 of 3 are in the tins. If the right price comes along I might cave in and sell my WWF/WWE Hasbro Figure collection as well. I do have some pots and pans that are extras and not needed as well, never been used, well 1 pot has but that is it. I also have a good amount of books I believe I am done reading whether they are history related, fiction, or non fiction autobiography or sports related. I do have some computer related items such as a wireless router and a small indoor trampoline that hasn't been used in years. I have some comic books that range from Transformers, GI JOE, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Robotech, and The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen while I have some books that are comic book related like Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield. There is some furniture such as a couple couches, and well when available a pretty nice wood furniture set, reason it's unavailable right now is all the stuff it's holding and one day it will totally be available. I think that about covers it. On time and everything, this starts from now until I have nothing left for sale and I plan on bringing stuff to you downstairs or outside (unless it's a heavy item, then will ask for help) since it's really going to start getting too hot to be outside for a long period of time. I also have a few suitcases or luggage that are not used at all. I have some remote control cars as well and a car stereo speaker set. I am selling La Femme Nikita Season 2 complete without playing issues for as close to 50 bucks as I can get (FYE is selling each season for 100 bucks each, will negotiate price) as well as Dukes Of Hazzard Seasons 1-3 for 7 each or all 3 season for 20, Party of 5 season 1 (never opened), Lost Season 3, Jeeves and Wooster Season One (never opened), and Hulk Hogan Ultimate Anthology I will sell for perhaps 10 bucks each, it's brand new never been opened, Burn Notice season 2 for say 20 bucks, brand new never opened, and finally NYPD Blue seasons 1+2 for 30 bucks, everything price is negotiable though. I have a few movies for sale such as The Dark Knight, Underworld special edition never opened, I am legend special edition never been opened, Home Alone used but never opened, for dvd and on blu ray I have Enough Said, The Lorax Deluxe Edition dvd and blu ray combo and The Lorax Gift box set with stuffed toy, would like to get 12-15 for each blu ray item and say maybe 6 for each dvd item. I do have an array of Jordan shoes, some dress shoes, and Sandle/Flip Flop things in their boxes and never wore, Men's Size 10.5 and Nike shoes and dress shoes I never wore and are still in the boxes. I also have some collectible knives 1 Millenium Bowie Knives, 1 Elephant Knife, 1 Jim Bowie Skinner Knife, and 1 Stealthfighter Knife, all with original boxes.all I also have some tall lamps, one is a lava tall lamp which I have a small normal size one too but I have a Coke one too. I prefer cash and good news is I have most every financial institution around me such as Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union, Security Service Credit Union, IBC Bank as well as a couple others not terribly far from me. Please email for location and thanks for looking. I might be available most of next week.

Dreamcast games available are a Web Browser disc never opened, Flag to Flag, Tee Off, Test Drive 6, Spec Ops 2 Omega Squad, Ms. Pacman Maze Madness, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, NFL 2K1, NBA 2K2, Alone In The Darkness, Crazy Taxi 1 and 2 and WWF Royal Rumble and Marvel Vs Capcom 2, think I spotted 2 Memory Cards

NES stuff is a system with 2 controllers and all connections, Mario/Duck Hunt with the Gun, Mario 2, Bible Adventures, Super C, Excitebike, Double Dragon 3, Roadblaster, Pinbot, TMNT 2 Arcade Game, Jordan vs Bird, GIJOE, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit

XBOX 360 Game list

Dead Or Alive 4
Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2
The Golden Compass
World Of Outlaws Sprint Cars
Perfect Dark Zero Collectors Edition with steelbook
Madden 09 and Head Coach 09 collection
Gears Of War Judgment
Lego Lord Of The Rings
Need For Speed The Run Limited Edition
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Limited Edition
Need For Speed Undercover
Need For Speed Most Wanted Limited Edition (most recent release)
Battlefield Bad Company
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition
Battlefield 3 Premium Edition and Limited Edition Collectors Guide
Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition
Skyrim Legendary Edition
Blazing Angels Squadrons of World War 2
Madden 13 and strategy guide
Watch Dogs
Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fate Of Two Worlds
Rockstar Table Tennis
Graw 1
Graw 2
Top Gun Hardlock
Never Dead
Hannah Montana
Dark Void
The Bigs
Hail To The Chimp
Leisure Suit Larry
Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition
Red Dead Redemption Game Of The Year Edition
You Don't Know Jack
GHP Paintball 2
Meet The Robinsons
Angry Birds Trilogy
Binary Domain
Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition
Batman Arkham Asylum Game Of The Year Edition
Batman Arkham City
Batman Arkham City Game Of The Year Edition
Deadliest Warrior Ancient Combat
Aliens vs Predator
BCFX Black College Football Doug Williams Edition
Super Street Fighter 4
Backyard Sandlot Sluggers
Max Payne 3 Special Edition
Attack Of The Movies 3D
Indianapolis 500 Evolution
Lord Of The Rings War In The North Collectors Edition
Duke Nukem Balls Of Steel Edition
Dead Island Game Of The Year Edition
Monster Madness
Halo 3 ODST
Virtua Tennis 3
Top Spin 3
Top Spin 4
Virtua Tennis 2009
Pirates Of The Caribbean At Worlds End
Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold or Special Edition
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
TNA Impact
WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania
Lord Of The Rings Conquest
Need For Speed Shift
NBA 2K11
NBA 2K12
Mortal Kombat Collectors Edition
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
Bourne Conspiracy
Blades Of Time
Hellboy The Science Of Evil
Rapala Fishing Frenzy 2009
Star Trek
Blitz The League
Bully Scholarship Edition
Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean
Gears Of War 3 Limited Edition
Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Lollipop Chainsaw
Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warefare
Soul Caliber 5 Collectors Edition
GTA 4 Complete Edition
Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition
LA Noire Complete Edition
Street Fighter 4 Special Editon
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Kollectors Edition

UDRAW Instant Artist Tablet with Game
Pictionary (requires UDraw tablet)
Marvel Superhero Squad Comic Combat (requires Udraw tablet)
Fifa Limited Edition Wired Controller
Turtlebeach Earforce DX11 (never opened or used)
Battlefield 4 Limited Edition Wired Controller in original box
Fusion A Controller (new never opened or used and in original box

Yard Sale, priced to sell!

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Not a yard sale
6600 Shadden Oaks Live Oak, TX 78233
Saturday September 20
0900 - UTC

Lots of Kitchen Items, garage items, linens, decorations, electronics, great stuff ...super cheap!

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