What is the most popular state for garage sales?

Here at YardSaleSearch.com, we process over 100,000 yard sale postings each week. That's a lot. It gives us a ton of data from which we can determine interesting things that likely have no relevance to the real world, but we like to think they do.

Here's case study #1: Which state has the most garage sales? Well, that's not an entirely fair question, since California has the most people, of course they will have the largest number of garage sale events. So we took the number of garage sales by state and divided it by the population, multiplied it by a number to make it meaningful, and voila! We found something interesting and unexpected. See the wonders of our graphic skills below:

garage sale by state

Congratulations to Oregon!

Sorry, folks, but this one wasn't even close. Wow. Even *we* are impressed.....

Now, let's pose the deep philosophical questions need to be addressed:

Does it mean they are greener by reusing more? Or have more junk, period - and that clutters their landfills?

Are they thriftier by selling to people instead of throwing it away? Or are they spendthrifts that spent too much on the goods and their retail prices in the first place?

What else does this say about our society? Lots, of course. Let's hear what you think. ;-)

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