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Driving Instructions from Kadena Gate 2

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787-9 Ota, Ocean Hiro II, Apt. B Uruma City, JP 904-2224
Monday July 21
12:00-6:00 p.m.

· Make the very first left out of Kadena Gate 2 onto 85 and travel approximately 2 km.
· Make a right turn at the overpass to remain on 85 towards Uruma City and travel approximately 2.5 km.
· (Landmarks while on 85: Big apple on your right at the first 224. See Yellowbox on your left. Main City mall and San A on your right. At intersection 75 you will see a Docomo on your right.)
· At the next intersection after 75 there will be a Family Mart on your left and a Corolla car dealership on your right. Continue one more block and make a left turn onto 224.
· Travel on 224 until you reach Hwy 10. (There will be a Lawsons on your left.) Make a right turn onto Hwy 10.
· Travel until you see a sign for Hwy 8 that reads Agena.
· Take the left turn lane (it will be a U turn) onto Hwy 8. (There is a Family Mart on the corner.)
· As soon as you pass the Family Mart on your left there is a truck/car dealership immediately after it. You will make a left at that dealership up a steep street and my home is an orange apartment building on the right, Ocean Hiro II, 090-1948-1781